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When you see black streaks on your roof, your first thought is probably “ugly.” But the truth behind the eyesore is grim – these stains are actually algae, and they eat away at your shingles. 3LM Roof Cleaning & Exterior Pressure Washing offers professional services that preserve your roof and make it look like new, too!

The Alternative To Roof Replacement

Many of our clients are on the brink of replacing their roofing when they call us. They see stains, buildup, and grime on their roofing and, understandably, assume the worst. But your roof should serve you for twenty years or more – and if you’re thinking about a replacement before this, it’s time to explore alternatives.

Most roofing simply needs a good clean. Homes in Altamonte Springs and the greater Orlando area are dealing with wear and tear from our warm, humid climate. The weather might give us the nickname “The Sunshine State,” but it can wreak havoc on roofing. It creates prime living conditions for algae, mold, and other growth. One type of bacteria in particular, Gloeocapsa Magma, eats the limestone in your shingles and deteriorates their structural integrity. This means:

  • Your shingles absorb heat and spike energy costs
  • Your property’s curb appeal takes a hit
  • Your shingles don’t last as long
  • Your home has to grapple with mold infestation and other issues

3LM prevents black algae from taking a toll on the curb appeal and longevity of your roofing. Our plan of action? No-pressure roof cleaning.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

We want to deliver results that last. That’s why 3LM always uses cleaning methods that are recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Soft washing is the best way to restore your roofing in a safe, secure way.

Soft washing is the less intensive and more effective version of pressure washing.

It’s the only method that achieves a deep clean without hurting your roofing.We guarantee results like:

  • Roofing that lasts longer
  • Better curb appeal for your entire property
  • Effective removal of mold, mildew, and bacteria

Using water pressure on par with a garden hose and combining it with potent cleaning detergents, our team can remove algae, mold, stains, and other debris. We are proud to have an eye for perfection, and we’ll always give our clients a “just like new” roof.

We make safety a priority. Every roof cleaning service is built around established procedures that ensure your property, our technicians, and your roofing is always in the best hands. We are staffed by experts who know how to clean your roof without ever jeopardizing anyone’s welfare.

Florida’s Roof Cleaning Experts

3LM is proud to bring roof cleaning expertise to your home. We’ve lived and worked in Florida for years, and we know exactly what our customers need for their property to succeed. Our roof cleaning service – and every service we provide, for that matter – offers:

  • Top Caliber Quality
    When you’re hiring professionals to clean your roof, you shouldn’t expect results that are anything short of spectacular. We carefully select the best cleaning detergents and technology on the market to bring out the best in your roof.
  • Safety
    As a firefighter owned and operated business, our team knows a thing or two about safety. From the equipment we use to the methods we adopt, all of our services protect your property and our employees.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    We use earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning agents that are safe for your landscaping and your property at large.
  • Ever-Evolving Technology
    Our team likes to stay on the cutting edge. We always stay up to date with the latest roof cleaning advancements, so you can receive the most modern and effective service available.

Our Pledge to Your Property

A roof cleaning service guarantees great curb appeal, but it also goes a step further. With 3LM offering professional service for your home, you’re protecting your financial investment, too.

Most real estate companies make roof cleaning their #1 to-do before putting a home on the market. It doesn’t just improve the appearance of a more appealing house — it boosts property value and increases sale prices.

Regularly maintained roofs can also last twice as long as those that don’t get cleaned periodically. Insurance companies agree: Many providers will cancel your policy if they see that your shingles haven’t been taken care of properly.

For less than six percent the cost of a replacement roof you can have your roof professionally maintained. Access to a clean, quality roof is within reach. Bring out the best in your home with 3LM – and start with a free, instant quote!

Recent Roof Cleaning Results

Click on the video below for a brief demonstration of how our solution is applied.

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Having buildup of leaves, black algae, moss or lichens on your roof can not only destroy your roof but hold in moisture and dislodge granules which rapidly deteriorates them and increases the chance of roof failure, leaks, deck rot, etc

The algae also feeds on the limestone in shingled roofs and contributes to the deterioration of the shingle.

In most cases, the damage can be prevented if caught in time, and since your roof has a very hard job of protecting you from all the elements, caring for your roof with an affordable roof cleaning is the best and smartest choice you could make.

So make the wise choice and hire 3LM Roof Cleaning Orlando and Exterior Pressure Washing now!

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3LM is proud to be located in the Orlando area, and we serve the greater Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County and Volusia County. From roof cleaning to house washing, concrete cleaning to pool cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We promise.

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  • 5 star review  We had a very good experience with 3LM when they cleaned our shingle roof. Pete was very responsive and polite when coordinating through email. Josh and his partner cleaned our roof in less than 3 hours and were respectful and knowledgeable about the cleaning details. It was a very easy process and we are pleased with the result. Our roof looks brand new.

    thumb Renae Latkowski

    5 star review  Wow! I never thought I would write a review about a pressure washing business. This company is great! We scheduled to have our house washed and the entire process was fantastic, including the automated quote system. A young man named Josh came out to complete the project. 3LM is fortunate to have him on their team. He was early to arrive, asked about any areas of concern and went to work. He was very thorough and did a wonderful job. The house looks great!

    thumb Scott LaFlamme

    5 star review  when i needed someone to come and do an extensive roof cleaning, 3LM came out within a few days, got the job done very professionally. They took their time to do the job right and I really appreciated their friendly personalities and the fact they provided pictures from the roof of damaged tiles that needed to be replaced which was especially helpful to send over to our roofing contractor. Overall, great job and very competitive prices

    thumb christopher Ruffino
  • 5 star review  I was impressed with the warranty work 4 years after the initial roof cleaning. They did an excellent job on our driveway and walk in front of my house. Amber is answering the phone and is very responsible and professional. I was very satisfied.

    thumb Jae Kim

    5 star review  The lady who answered the phone when I called was very helpful, giving me all the information I needed. Two gentleman came and cleaned our roof, house, doors, fascia, sidewalk on a corner lot, and a fence wall I added on last minute. (I’m very bad with remembering names!) The house and fence look great. They worked hard for several hours. I would use this company again and recommend them. The roof did not photograph well, but, I can tell you, it looks better. I will try to upload photos of the greatly improved wall.

    thumb Mary Lou

    5 star review  This company has to be the best overall company in Florida. The customer service, workmanship and follow up is just outstanding. I have contracted with many service companies for over 40 years and not one can come close to this one. There still is hope out there that some people do still take pride in their work. We still can not believe the outstanding service of this company. Go president Trump.

    thumb Dan Burns
  • 5 star review  This company has to the best overall company in Florida. The customer service, workmanship and follow up is just outstanding. I have contracted with many service companies for over 40 years and not one can not come close to this one. There still is hope out there that some people do still take pride in their work. We still can not believe the outstanding service of this company. Go president Trump.

    thumb Dan Burns

    5 star review  I used 3LM because they had such great reviews online (unlike so many other companies out there). The cleaners showed up on time and in schedule and my Roof looks really great! Staff was kind and courteous and moved planters away from the house etc. The roof was not pressure washed but a chemical was applied to the roof that killed the mold and bacteria and then it washes off on the next rain. My pool deck has never looked better too! The woman that answers the phone and texts was extremely kind and professional and even found a cancellation opening. The two guys that came out worked very hard for so many hours. They did as they said they would do at the price they told me. I would use this company again no problem! Highly recommend.

    thumb E Pathak

    5 star review  These guys are awesome! they were here early than expected (which worked great for me!), did the job very quickly and very well done! My driveway & sidewalks were so clean, you could eat from them! Totally recommend them!

    thumb Edriana Bougrat
  • 5 star review  They did an amazing job. The communication was fantastic and my roof looks brand new. I had a neighbor ask me over the weekend if I got a new roof. Thank you.

    thumb Mandy Sayre

    5 star review  I have used 3LM Roof Cleaning for both my old house and my new house and they did an excellent job on both. Their website is super easy to use to get a quote and schedule service. They do a great job and I will definitely continue to use them in the future and recommend them to family & friends. They will make your roof look brand new.

    thumb Austin Bo Howland

    5 star review  A perfect job at a fair price. They scheduled and completed the job in a timely manner. I would highly recommend 3LM

    thumb Tim Ko
  • 5 star review  3LM roof cleaning is very straight forward about their price quoting and Their price is very reasonable. Workers arrived on time and they make sure all the areas cleaned the way as they promised. After payment, I don’t have to ask for a receipt like I did with other companies, they receipt was sent to my email like automatically. As a real estate agent. I will definitely recommend this company to my clients.

    thumb Kevin Song

    5 star review  This is the 2nd time I have used 3LM and very satisfied both times. I have had roof, gutter and driveway cleaned. Personnel are timely, friendly and do professional work. Josh and Alex were the latest crew. Cleaned my driveway and sidewalk. Great job guys!! Would definitely recommend this company.

    thumb Debra Weber

    5 star review  We had a great experience using 3LM. The service was impeccable and the crew who performed the service were knowledgeable and polite. We would definitely recommend them.

    thumb Lynn Edwards
  • 5 star review  The company was very prompt from estimate through arrival for service. The team explained what they would do and the warranty. My roof looks awesome! I can’t wait to see how much better it looks after a couple of rains.

    thumb Derieth Sutton

    5 star review  My roof looks like new again. They were very careful with plant material. The crew was engaging and respectful. Great value and super 5 yr warranty. Thanks

    thumb Kerry Augustine

    5 star review  I had 3LM Roof Cleaning wash my roof yesterday. Their staff were very professional and did a great job on my roof. I was very pleased with their workmanship and responsiveness. They also cutoff some tree branches that were hanging over my roof and cleaned up the job site. Great company to work with.

    thumb Hamid Vahabzadeh
  • 5 star review  Would highly recommend. Crew arrived on time, worked efficiently and quickly, price was reasonable too. We had the roof, house and sidewalk/driveway done and it hasn’t looked this good in years!

    thumb Tara Stiner

    5 star review  Customer service was excellent! Recieved email and text reminders of my upcoming service. Everyone was very polite and courteous throughout the whole experience. Didnt know my roof was the color it was until it was cleaned! Great job. Highly recommended. Thank you 3LM.

    thumb Andy Hensel

    5 star review  FANTASTIC! Good price and good service. 3LM did a super job and was very communicative about getting the job done around the rain showers. It was helpful to receive the calls to give me a heads up when they were on their way as well. My roof looks great and my plants and shrubbery were well taken care of to make sure they were watered down properly to protect them. I will definitely use them again.

    thumb Susan Kendall
  • 5 star review  3LM made it super easy to get a quote, they quickly responded and setup service. The guys came on time, did a good job and were honest. We had signed up for gutter cleaning, but they told us our gutters looked fine. Very professional and covered and watered the plants to protect. I'm very happy with their service.

    thumb Rebecca S

    5 star review  First time using this company and the ease of online ordering booking snd scheduling was awesome. I had a quote within a few minutes. They arrived right on time as scheduled and worked nonstop til finished. My pool patio and screen cage looked awesome when done. I would highly recommend this service.

    thumb Barbara Spilka

    5 star review  We highly recommend 3LM Roof Cleaning. They are professional, responsive and did and excellent job on cleaning our tile roof. We are very pleased that they were recommended to us. Great job!

    thumb Bricker Bricker
  • 5 star review  GREAT COMPANY! Called on a Friday, needed them ASAP as we are having the house painted. They said no problem, came Monday and got it done super fast and easy! They were here in the estimated window of time, cleaned and left. Super friendly, professional and quick. Couldn’t be happier to have a clean roof and also to see through my sky lights again! Thanks y’all!

    thumb Jade Stone

    5 star review  Had roof and exterior of house cleaned by 3LM. Everyone pleasant, professional and did a great job! Would definitely recommend and will use again in the future.

    thumb Julie Wagner

    5 star review  3LM Roof Cleaning does an outstanding job!!!! They cleaned our pool/patio, screens and driveway. Everything looks fresh and clean. I've had companies in the past that leave behind residue etc. this company does a very thorough job!!!!! Spotless!!

    thumb Colleen Barber
  • 5 star review  This company did an amazing job on our roof. They were most professional, timely, excellent attention to detail, and they offered superb pricing. Would use them again in a second and will in three years when my roof needs to be cleaned again.

    thumb John Dryburgh

    5 star review  Used on-line estimate system to gain a quote. 3LM then contacted me by phone resulting in the same quote... not bait and switch. Scheduling was easy and fast. All of my questions were answered. Two staff member showed up on time and explained everything they were planning to do. I opted for the gutter cleaning but after the job was done the staff told me my gutters had no issues, did not need cleaning and they removed that fee from my bill. I am amazed at the honesty and integrity of 3LM. I highly recommend 3LM for power washing!

    thumb Steve Harrison

    5 star review  Everything was great. Answered immediately (the only place that did, this matters a lot.) Knowledgeable. (Others didn't know what eaves were). Very friendly staff. Easy to schedule online or by phone. Came out the next day. Took instruction about what I needed and my goals for the work, and let me know what else I could do beyond a surface clean. The exterior of my house is now clean. Couldn't be happier. If I need this or anything else related again, I know who to call.

    thumb Steven Linn

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